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Why You Should Add Salmon to Your Daily Menu

We bet you have heard about the health benefits of salmon at least once in your life, right? And you also had to

hear about its unique taste that is less “fishy” than other fish have, hadn’t you? But what exactly is so beneficial about it? Why do so many people try to include this fish into their daily menu? Let’s do a kind of research here and clear everything up.

We have decided to supply to our clients exactly this fish not only due to its obvious health benefits BUT because it’s really easy and interesting to cook. Look here — you can grill, roast, broil, bake, pan sear, or smoke salmon. Oh, and what about curing salmon? Yes, it’s a bit time-consuming but undoubtedly worth it — imagine delicious salted stript that simply melt in your mouth.

Ok, let’s move to the beneficial side of this dish. The first thing is our eyes. “The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, they say. But to see this beauty you have to have great eyesight. Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which protect your eyes from dryness by improving the oil layer of our tear film. Moreover, salmon can contribute to visual development and the health of your retina.

Not only eyes reap the benefit — our brain will definitely thank you for nourishing it with Omega-3. If you eat salmon every day, it will reduce the risk of different brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. Plus, these magical anti-inflammatory fats can decrease depression. Amazing, right? Only one product, and so many health advantages!

Vitamin B12 is responsible for your daily energy level. Want to complete everything from your To-do list and still have the energy to go to the gym, play with children, or go out with friends? Half a salmon file can provide 80% of the recommended daily dose of B12 and keep your energy levels at top speed. Plus, this fish helps to recover from different injuries by helping to create new cells. How? The answer is the protein that salmon is rich with.

And, in the end, one more thing — our biggest organ — skin. Your skin will be shiny and bright if your body will get plenty of good fats that are exactly in salmon. AND this fish contains astaxanthin which is also known as keto-carotenoid, a chemical that has anti-aging effects by increasing collagen production.

Still hesitate to add salmon to your daily menu? If not, we supply the best salmon in Riyadh raised off the coast of Scotland and Norway that will significantly contribute to your health and the health of your clients. And, actually, what advertisement is better than satisfied and happy clients?

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