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What to Look for in a Seafood Supplier before Signing the Contract with them?

If you are running a restaurant with seafood as your prime content of the menu, then you need optimal quality of suppliers to ensure that your restaurant thrives. Finding the right vendor is like a lifeline for your restaurant. Seafood is quite vulnerable in terms of freshness and taste. So it is like if you miss out on getting the best supplier, then the quality of your food will deteriorate as well.

The seafood quality, the customer service, and all of the other necessary aspects associated with the seafood restaurant business will go on a negative graph. Therefore, here are a few things that you need to consider to ensure that you are relying upon a proficient seafood supplier for your business to thrive.

1. Period of Credit

The seafood supplier should have a credit period facility in order to help you with the raw materials for running the restaurant kitchen. And you should be able to pay them later, after making sufficient sales over a specific period of time.

Usually, the seafood suppliers offer a credit day of 15 days or a month. But some seafood suppliers might offer even greater credit periods, depending upon the order quantity. If you are a new restaurant owner and want to make seafood your USP, you should go for the suppliers who offer a slightly bigger credit period.

With this, you will have sufficient time to establish your brand value, make the sales and then repay the credit back to the supplier.

2. Categories of Supplies

Seafood comes in various types, and different people have different tastes for all of them. If you are planning on opening a seafood restaurant, then you should have the variety that your customer demands. And you must look for those varieties with your suppliers.

Look for seafood suppliers who can offer you crab, lobster, shrimps, salmon, mussels, caviar, and oysters. You should not head out to different suppliers to get different varieties of seafood. Instead, you should go along with just one supplier who can meet all of your needs.

It is because if you are specifying your restaurant’s USP as seafood, then you are bound to have all the possible and commonly available varieties on your menu. So, this is an important piece of consideration while you are shortlisting the seafood suppliers.

3. Quality Check Considerations

When you are deciding upon hiring a seafood supplier, you need to ensure that you will be getting quality products on priority. You need to discuss the quality of food supplies that you are about to get from the vendor. You can hire a quality check team from your end to do the validation of the supplier stocks. And only when you are satisfied can you go ahead and sign the contract with your supplier!


Keep in mind these important considerations before signing your contract with just any seafood supplier. It is because the quality of raw materials is one important part of making a dish delicious when served on a plate. So, don’t let this factor deteriorate and hire the best supplier in your region.

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