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How to tell if fish is fresh?

We want our blog to be handy for our readers in the first place. That’s why in this article, we are about to discuss something tremendously important — FRESH FISH or how to tell if your fish is fresh. Yes, we’re gonna educate you on how to choose fresh fish only and always be aware of the spoiled ones.

So, go sit, be comfy, and enjoy this illuminating 5-step fresh fish guide to make your clients amazed by your finger-licking seafood dishes.

1. Firm, shiny flesh

In fact, the first step of detecting the freshness of your fish is pretty simple. The flesh of the fish has to bounce back on touching it. The skin should have a tempting metallic glow (no dull appearance, please!), while the scales should be tightly attached. If the scales look loose, well, your fish might have started rotting.

2. Does it have a mild scent?

After using our eyes, it’s time to make the most out of our noses. If fish has a strong, fishy odor or a sour smell, its chances of being fresh and becoming a delicious dish are slim to none.

The smell of fresh fish is natural and pleasant. Try to remember the scent of the sea or river from where it might have been caught — it’s neither sharp nor intense, right?

3. Look into its eyes

No romantic looks, no worries. Checking the eyes of fish is probably one of the best ways to make out whether it’s fresh or not. They have to be clear, glossy, and bulging. Otherwise, your fish might be pretty old.

4. Gills and fins

The gills and fins can also help you find the truth. The gills and fins of fresh fish are moist, bright red, covered with clear slime, while in old fish, they are dry, have sticky slime, and a strong odor.

5. Belly

The belly of fresh fish is shiny and undamaged, with a tight anal opening. The opening of the old fish has a yellow-brown color, with viscera protruding.

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