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Foodz Way enter into agreement with Ldun to provide buy-now-pay-later solutions to its customers

In line of our constant aspiration to come up with innovative solutions to improve the customers-experience as we keep exploring the market gaps to identify all areas that can be converted into opportunities that will eventually lead to customers satisfaction. Foodz Way has signed an agreement with Ldun Company, a leader in providing smart payment solutions for B2B sector, through which we aim to provide new solutions that is first of its kind in the region, where it offers the business sector a buy-now-pay-later service which enables customers to purchasing their products from suppliers and paying deferred payments in easy installments without interest fees, which makes it the first service of its kind in the Kingdom.

Mr. Ziyad Alshammari, CEO of Foodz Way, explained that the company is always keen to provide innovative solutions to its

customers, whether it is related to the product’s quality and range, or the services provided, and that this step will enable customers to obtain their products in an easy way without the need to pay directly or provide any guarantees, which will greatly improve the purchasing power of customers, and increase the volume of business dealings without affecting the customer’s ability to expand their activities or focus on theiroperational or capital expenses required to achieve their goals.

For his part, Mr. Firas Al-Hamdan, the founding partner of Ldun Company, explained that the business model was based on an accurate reading of the challenges facing the B2B sector, especially restaurants, entertainment and retail sectors, which will benefit greatly from this mechanism, especially since our main focus has been on facilitating all steps for submitting

and approving the application to be fully automated via an online platform, which will contribute to facilitating the customer’s experience, and on the other hand, the platform’s artificial intelligence algorithms will evaluate the customer

through the transactions he has made and thus raises his rating, which helps to form indicators that contribute significantly to increasing his dealings with merchants.

Mr. Mohammad AlMussaed, founding partner of Foodz Way, expressed his happiness with this partnership, which will greatly contribute to the flexibility of commercial transactions between different business sectors, and increase the stability of the small and medium enterprises sector.

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